Crisis Communications and Issues Management


Winuk Communications has great depth and decades of experience in supporting companies and organizations facing crisis situations and navigating challenging issues, whether internally or in the marketplace.  In such cases clients count on the agency to be strategic, responsive, creative, resourceful and at-the-ready to provide round-the-clock support to senior management and boards of directors as needed and appropriate.


As examples, Winuk has provided such support to:

  • senior management of a legendary summer resort and educational community facing widespread criticism for plans to demolish and replace a beloved 140-year-old live performance venue;

  • a nonprofit organization’s board of directors that was removing from service a popular, long-term executive director of that organization;

  • a well-known university and its public radio station grappling with the sudden death of a prominent and beloved award-recipient, the night before the awards ceremony;

  • a longtime nonprofit organization serving a residential population of traumatized youth but facing negative media coverage and misperceptions from the local community about safety and other issues;

  • a school district faced with widely publicized, damaging accounts of a racial incident involving students and spectators at a sporting event;

  • an association representing more than 100 member organizations facing substantial budget cuts from the state government, funding critical to the association’s service to its member organizations and the tens of thousands of elderly people those organizations serve;

  • a world-renowned entertainment venue, faced with crises such as the last-minute cancellation of performances by one of the top performing artists in the world, ticket scalping issues and more;
  • a nationally-known law firm in the wake of numerous high-profile airplane crashes in the United States and locations around the world;

  • new management of a famous outdoor concert venue faced with negative publicity and community backlash about the institution of new policies affecting attendees of musical performances; and,

  • a team of law firms in multiple U.S. markets advocating for passage of federal legislation that would allow victims of terrorism to seek justice in the U.S. court system, and the pursuit of those cases on behalf of thousands of such victims.


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